Watch Data

Platinum Wrist Chronometer no. 3588

Case: case s/n; 3588, Platinum.

Dial: Silver or Platinum, Patek Philippe, Geneve

Movement: s/n; 860182, 10''' tonneau (PP&C 10''' 92), 18 jewels, 2 Poincon de Geneva seals, Patek Philippe & Co., Geneva, eighteen 18 jewels, All adjustments, Swiss. If the case serial number (3588) is the same as Niton's movement serial number the movement obtained two Poincon de Geneva quality seals at February 24, 1926.

1926 - Niton, Geneva

1938 - Patek Philippe, Geneva

2013 - Patek Philippe Museum Catalog, Page 281, Inventarisation P-1406 Montres Bracelet triple date a guichets

According to the Patek Philippe Museum Catalog; ‘wristwatch with triple date in apertures’ at page 281: “this watch is one of approximately thirty pieces purchased from Niton, Geneva, in the late 1930s. The ebauches of these watches’ movements were numbered and later finished by Patek Philippe. While certain of the cases were used, others were not, and their movements were given new cases”.

Refering to Dr. Crott, Auction 42, Lot 60, page 21 is also refering to an other Patek Philippe platinum rectangular wristwatch with full date and moonphase with movement s/n 5049.