History of Montres Niton SA

Niton S.A., Geneva Swiss trademark registered by Jeannet, Morel and Bourquin under No. 45,822, on December 12, 1919, under the name "Niton S.A., Fabricants d'horlogerie, Manufacture de montres artistiques, chronometres, montres plates et ultra-plates, montres-bracelets à heures sautantes, a quantieme et phases de lune” (Niton S.A., Manufacturers of timepieces, Manufacture of artistic watches, chronometers, flat and ultra-flat watches, jumping hours wristwatches, with calendar and moon phases). The manufacture of Niton watches was created in Geneva in 1919 by two craftsmen from Vacheron Constantin, Alfred Bourquin (1887-?) and Edouard Morel (1887-?). It was established in 1924 at 24, bis rue de la Servette.

At first, they specialize in the manufacture of watches whose movements are designed and manufactured by them. They are distinguished by their ultra-thin pocket watch calibres and their “baguette” movements with winders from below, at 12 o’clock or 3 o’clock; although they manufacture a whole range of other calibres, in particular of form, and, jewellery watches.

The sales method consists in selling directly to stores (for example, Gubelin in Lucerne, Golay Fils & Stahl in Geneva) or watch manufacturers, to which it provides either the movements alone or complete watches (for example, Chopard or Patek Philippe in Geneva).

Production remains artisanal. Changing modes, the crisis of the 1930s, industrial productions will force them to change course and move towards other manufacturing concepts.

In 1940, Niton sold his manufacturing rights to Ebauches SA.

Niton was bought in 1957 by Carlo Sarzano, who will give it a new impetus by producing gold and plated watches of quality.

In 1971, Niton merged with Sarcar SA, owned by Carlo Sarzano since 1948.