Watch Data

18k white gold Wrist Watch no. -

Case: in all probably 18k white gold

Dial: silvered/white dial with jump hour and minute disk. This design was patented by Niton.

Movement: according to Vacheron Constantin heritage department it has a round caliber 10"'

1929 - Niton, Geneve

1929 - Vacheron & Constantin, Geneve

1992 - The World of Vacheron & Constantin, Geneve

This ladies wandering hour wristwatch is depicted in The World of Vacheron & Constantin, Geneve by Carole Lambelet & Lorette Coen

According to VC's heritage department, it was brought in by a certain Mr. Paul Piguet in 1929. Paul Piguet can be; One of the successors of the famous baguette, tonneau, oval and round ebauche producers company in Le Brassus, known as Fils de Louis Elisee Piguet/Fredrique Piguet, who delivered Niton caliber 10TS with integrated jump hour module-mechanisms. Can also be the son of Victorin Émile Piguet of which together with his brother Jean-Victorin took over the company from Victorin Émile Piguet in 1920. Victorin Piguet & Co. developed and produced complex high end movements and did a lot of work for Fils de Louis Elisee Piguet who delivered Niton. It is also known that Victorin Piguet contributed to e.g. the early jump hours mechanisms.

History of Victorin Piguet & Co.

Victorin Piguet (1850 – 1937) was born in Le Chenit a village in the Vallée de Joux, son of watchmaker Daniel Henri Piguet and his second spouse, Louise Françoise LeCoultre. With watchmaking in his genes, the young Victorin quickly started to learn his craft and by the time he was in his twenties was a master teacher at the school of watchmaking in Geneva. In 1880, he founded Victorin Piguet et Frères with his brother Alfred, who was also a watchmaker, and by 1883, he moved his business back to Le Sentier in his native Vallée de Joux. In 1920, Victorin turned his company over to his sons, Jean-Victorin and Paul Piguet. Victorin Émile Piguet died in 1937 and later, after Jean-Victorin Piguet’s death his son Henri-Daniel took up the helm of the family business. Les fils de V. Piguet continued to work for other renowned brands such as Audemars Piguet and Vacheron Constantin. See also;