Watch Data

18k white gold Wrist Chronometer no. -

Case: 18k white gold rectangular (31 x 15 mm)

Dial: silvered dial with the minutes shown on a rotating disc and an aperture showing the hours at 12 o clock

Movement: in all probability, oval caliber, signed Eighteen 18 Jewels, All Adj, Niton, Geneve, Swiss, stamped with the Geneva seal. The oval movement measures 22.75 mm length x 12.5 mm width x 3.33 mm depth

1929 - Niton, Geneve

1980 - Book "Ore D'Ore 1 and 2"

Source 1; Book "Ore D'Ore 1" by Giampiero Negretti, Franco Nencini, 1984, page 183, picture reference 352 Source 2; Book "Ore D'Ore 1" by Jader Barracca, Giampiero Negretti, Franco Nencinipage, 1987 183, picture reference 352