Watch Data

- Wrist Chronometer no. 5521

Case: movement only

Dial: simple hour, minute. Signed Charlton (on top below the dial you can see the 4 digit Niton serial number 5521)

Movement: s/n; 5521 (below the dial), baguette caliber 7 ligne. Signed Fab. Swiss, 795, Sadnac Watch Co., Eighteen 18 jewels, all adjustments. The movement obtained the Poincon de Geneve quality seal on October 1, 1928. This movement is from a batch of 6 movements (5517 - 5522), in all probability all 6 were the same baguette caliber 7 ligne movements and delivered to SADNAC Watch Co.

1928 - Niton, Geneve

1928 - Sadnac, Geneve

1928 - Charles Bernstein & Co., NYC, by SADNAC Watch & Co., Geneve (Attached is their trademark ownership of "CHARLTON" for watches in USA)

2/2021 - ebay sale to private collector

This is a movement only. “SADNAC” brand was registered in Switzerland on October 25, 1926, under registration No. 63032, by Fabrique Ebel, Blum & Cie. Fabrication, La-Chaux-du-Fonds (Suisse), Montres parties de montres et etuis. “CHARLTON” brand was registered in the USA on May 3, 1927 (with claimed use since January 1, 1924), under registration 227467, by Charles Bernstein & Co. of 114 Nassau St., New York, New York, Watches clocks & their movements.

Source/ credits to Private collector