Watch Data

18k gold Chronograph Wrist Chronometer no. -

Case: s/n; 90291

Dial: in all probability signed Beyer, Zurich

Movement: s/n; 90291. round caliber 13 ligne. In all probability more then 18 jewels, all adjustements and obtained the Poincon de Geneve quality seals.

1935- Niton, Geneve

1935 - Beyer, Zurich

Source/ credits; archive Beyer, Zurich. Sadly no pictures available. This watch was delivered by Niton and received by Beyer on April 9, 1935 and sold on March 2, 1935 (??) for 255 Swiss Francs.

The archive describes this watch as "Cal. 13 or chronogr. tachym.".