Watch Data

18k gold Chronograph Wrist Chronometer no. -

Case: 18k gold, bent square watch case

Dial: unknown but in all probability signed Beyer, Zurich

Movement: round cal. 13, pulsometer chronograph. In all probability more than 18 jewels, all adjustments and obtained the Poincon de Geneve quality seals, date unknown.

1933 - Niton, Geneve

1933 - Beyer, Zurich

Source/ Credits; Beyer, Zurich, February 16, 2021. Sadly no pictures available. This watch was delivered by Niton and received by Beyer on June 14, 1933 and sold on June 19, 1933 for 295 Swiss Francs.

The archive mentions a "Cal. 13, or chronogr. pulsom. carr. camb." Notice; pulsometer chronograph watches (sometimes they are called pulsimeter chronographs) were once more common than they are today. They were used by doctors for taking a patient’s pulse. A pulsometer chronograph is a normal chronograph with an extra scale around the edge of the dial: all you do is start the chronograph, count 30 pulse beats, stop the chronograph and read off the pulse rate. Today it is a lonely category, because most chronographs have a tachymeter scale instead of a pulsometer.