Watch Data

Platinum Wrist Chronometer no. 1112

Case: Platinum

Dial: Silver, signed Niton, Geneve

Movement: s/n; 1112, baguette caliber 7 ligne (?)

1939 - Niton, Geneve

2020 - Piguet Auction house, Geneve

Lot 5424 Niton, Platinum Art Deco watch set with diamonds Movement: mechanical, 17 rubies Box: No.1112, 10 mm Signature: dial Condition: General condition: Medium, The watch is not in working order at the time of writing of the catalogue. Dial: Medium state, blackened dial on its whole. small traces and scratches. Blue steel needles: Good condition, small traces. Index black sticks. Plexi glass: Medium state, presence of scratches and dust on the inner part of the glass. Box: Good condition, presence of scratches and micro scratches of normal use. Leather bracelet: Bad condition, broken bracelet. Steel ardillon buckle with safety chain: medium state, presence of many sharply used scratches. Circonference about 16.7 cm

The watch is not in working order at the time of writing. This fact must be related to his age. We do not guarantee that it will work in the future. It has not been tested over a long period of time, so we do not guarantee the accuracy of the movement or that of the power reserve. Services or restorations could be carried out on the entire watch resulting in a replacement of the parts which might not be original (dial, hands, parts of the movement, bracelet...). Since the watch has been opened, we do not guarantee its waterproofing. Unless otherwise stated, we do not have any information on the last service performed and we advise you to proceed with the revision of the part.

Timed24 Nov 19:00 - 10 Dec 2020 LocationSwitzerland, Geneva Catalogue VENTE ONLINE - Bijoux - Joaillerie des XIXe, XXe et XXIe s.